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The Weller technology

is an innovative and internationally patented process for the manufacturing of rotating electrical machines.

The inventor Traugott Weller


The trained television technician was employed at Geophysik Leipzig after graduating and worked in the field of digital electronics and development of radiometric measurement technology.

When he was young, he was recognised by the Lord Mayor of the City of Leipzig and the Leipzig district management for his outstanding achievements in innovation.

After German reunification, he went to Austria and worked in a company for radio control systems in the development department.

But soon he and his wife Susanne founded a company for radio and drive technology in Saxony.
For innovative designs, especially in mechanical drive technology, the market did not offer sufficient choices.
There was a need for a new and improved electric motor, however, even the specialised engineering company in cooperation with a technical university was not able to find a satisfactory solution.

While air gap winding seemed ideal, it could not be produced.

But there had to be a way! Inspiration struck the engineer while sitting in his private study with an open window on a late summer evening. Was it from an angel, who whispered in his ear?

Mr. Weller insists this is how this solution was developed and he now wants this new technology to be widely used.