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The Weller Technology

is an innovative and internationally patented process for the manufacturing of rotating electrical machines.

Production Technology

The motors can only be partially manufactured using conventional production technology.


The rotor is largely identical in construction to the current standard both as a squirrel-cage rotor for the asynchronous motor and as a magnetic pole armature for the synchronous motor.

The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the shell surface must be homogeneous when using the unwinding system.

Excitation winding

Familiar manufacturing technology is not suitable for the winding process.
A new machine must be developed and built for this purpose. This machine has to produce the coil structure with self-bonding wire very precisely in hot conditions.

The windings are intended to be applied from 3 sides simultaneously.

After the winding process the excitation winding is shaped. This also requires the development and manufacturing of a new machine,

Iron core stator

The iron core stator does not require any gearing for the winding and no longer needs to be manufactured as a stamped part. The required hollow cylinder can be produced easily and without waste by winding flat strip material on end. This technique is already used in engine construction in much more complicated forms. All subsequent steps such as insulation coating and gluing in the excitation winding can be carried out using state-of-the-art technology. The required adhesive force for a secure fastening of the excitation winding on the iron core stator can be achieved with a 30 to 100-fold safety without any difficulties.

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