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The Weller Technology

is an innovative and internationally patented process for the manufacturing of rotating electrical machines.

Comparison of technical parameters Weller – Maxon

The Swiss-based company Maxon manufactures very high-quality air coil motors. These devices use a bell air coil of their own design. For the assembly of the rotor in the motor, the coil is manufactured with one side open. The wire must be pulled diagonally over the rotor’s magnetic poles. The shape of the coil in this example is a rhombus. From this it is easy to deduce that the magnetic effect of the winding requires at least 30% more copper wire in the field of action than a wire that is directly wound.

It follows logically from this comparison that the new technology, in which this wire is optimally run straight across the field, delivers at least 30% more magnetic thrust and thus motor power for the same winding strength and motor size. We expect even better values in practical tests.

The technical parameters can be compared by consulting www.maxonmotor.de EC-4pole 30 Part No. 305013.

According to the Maxon company, this motor represents the limit of what is possible and is unique in its class and in the world for its technical parameters.

We agree with the statement on the current state of the art and thus we have chosen the most advanced engine technology available for comparison.

The Weller motor can outperform the Maxon EC-4pole30 in terms of power output
by a factor of 1.3 – 1.5 with a similarly identical design.

Manufacturing costs for it are significantly lower.