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The Weller Technology

is an innovative and internationally patented process for the manufacturing of rotating electrical machines.

The Wellermotor

is one of the inventions that can and will change the world of motors!

Traugott Weller succeeded in reinventing the electric motor and at the same time making it more efficient, reducing the use of materials as well as cutting costs and increasing performance.

Synchronous Servo Motor, size 42mm x 42 mm, 4000 revolutions

Standard motor:

Length:  100mm

Output:   100 watts


Length: 70mm

Output: 150 watts

Brief description

The new technology for producing an ideal air-core motor is simple. The previously insurmountable build-up of the excitation winding surrounding the rotor when the wire is guided straight across the poles is formed after completion.
To achieve this the rotor is used as a tool.

With an eccentric rolling motion against the coil bulge, the rotor turns the winding against an abutment. Afterwards the rotor can turn freely in the air gap and finally function as intended and provide mechanical energy via the centrically mounted axis.

A detailed functional description can be found both in the patent specification and in the special technical description.

It could be significant for electric cars:

Due to its design, the ideal air-core motor generates the force field for the torque as a counterforce to the static field of magnetic excitation. This means that the magnetic flux does not increase even with strong excitation of the stator. The maximum power of the motor is therefore
only limited by the electrical resistance of the excitation winding,
so in practical use, the motor can be overloaded by a factor of 10 to 15 for brief periods.

This feature is particularly beneficial for acceleration in electric cars.

A motor with a rated output of 20 KW serves as an example.
In this case, an acceleration capacity of 200 KW to 300 KW would then be available!

High reserves can also be tapped for rapid acceleration in industrial robot applications.
In contrast to the current state of the art technology:
The motor with stator winding in the gearing generates the force field outside the field of action and already reaches the absolute power limit with about 3 times overload.
The 20 KW motor can thus generate about 60 KW.

Awards for Weller Technology

International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2015
Gold Diploma Award
eCarTec. Munich, 19.12.2015
At the eCarTec trade show from 20.10.-23.10.2015 the Bayrische Staatspreis für Elektromobilität (the Bavarian State Prize for Electric Mobility) was awarded to Weller Technology.
The Wellermotor was nominated as one of the Top 10 in the “Powertrain & Electronics” category. (www.ecartec.com)
Futuresax, Dresden, 06.06.2016
At the ideas competition in 2016 organised by Futresax, the Weller Technology was among the top 10.

The jury member Evelyn Duarte Martines described the business idea by saying:

“This internationally patented invention appeals to a market with billions in sales and offers established manufacturers cost advantages of up to 20 per cent with consistent miniaturisation.”
(You can find the complete text in the 2016 Futuresax competition documents)

Market Introduction

It’s time to introduce this technology to the market!


We are looking for companies, technicians, engineers or tool manufacturers who are interested in using this innovative technology to revolutionise the market.

The website provides detailed information about the technique, the advantages, the application areas and the market introduction.

If you are interested in having a personal conversation, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Best, Traugott Weller.