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The Weller Technology

is an innovative and internationally patented process for the manufacturing of rotating electrical machines.

Areas of Application

Due to its design, the Weller motor can meet demanding technical parameters as both a synchronous and induction motor. At the same time, the manufacturing costs are considerably lower than those of conventional technologies.

Application of the technology is accordingly decided either on the basis of technical advantage or commercial benefit.
In this case both advantages are simultaneously present.

The new technology is suitable for synchronous motors up to about 20 kW as well as for air-coil motors with slip rings or commutator for power supply (DC motors).

As described above, Weller technology makes it possible to produce very high-quality motors of the types listed at lower manufacturing costs.

The function was tested and proven in practice for the synchronous motor with the technical parameters.
The theoretical and practical proof for induction and reluctance motors still has to be provided.

Possible areas of application

Aerospace – Robotics – Automation

Synchronous motors:
High efficiency, minimal overall volume, low inertia, high reliability

consumer area – building services – white-label products

Induction motor, Synchronous motor: Reluctance motors with good characteristics and particularly low production costs.

Automotive industry – electric cars

Synchronous motor:
For efficient propulsion

Synchronous motors and reluctance motors as actuators –
robust, efficient and low production costs