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The Weller Technology

is an innovative and internationally patented process for the manufacturing of rotating electrical machines.

Market Introduction

To introduce the technology, the first step is to raise the necessary capital for the product development of an engine type and the design of simple production technology.

It is possible to gain experience with the product, the production technology and the consumer market in the high-quality application area quickly.

This 1st step should be completed within 24 months. However, with a skilled team it is certainly possible to do it faster.

It is estimated that the capital required for this is between one and two million euros.

At the second stage, the experience gained in automated production technology should be applied.

At the same time, the engine types that will promise economic success will be in development.

As things develop, the owner of Weller technology will increasingly be able to exploit this monopoly

in the consumer market.

Assuming a reasonable optimistic view and provided that the market launch is driven by a determined, intelligent and strong company,

the production of motors in the range of 1 to 10 million units per year can be expected after year 10.

Patent value, cost of development and production machinery

Costs for semi-automatic coiling technology
• ca. 100 TEuro
Costs for semi-automatic roll press
• ca. 100 TEuro
Costs for product development until start of production
• ca. 1-2 Millionen Euro